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FLORAL (Friends & Lovers Of Riverside Area Life), an affiliate group of the Riverside Park Fund, was established in 1995 to represent dog owners' interests in the southern end of Riverside Park. FLORAL is run entirely by volunteers who are your neighbors and fellow dog owners.

Our mission is to promote off leash recreation areas for dogs and to act as a bridge between dog owners and public officials, (e.g. Riverside Park Fund, the Parks Department, local elected officials etc.). Our members are all dog owners whose lives involve the use of the southern end of Riverside Park. The creation and pending renovation of the Dog Run at 72nd Street is the result of years of work by FLORAL, the Riverside Park Fund, the Parks Dept. and area elected officials.

The 72nd Street Dog Run is enjoyed by 300 people daily and provides much needed space for safe off leash recreation for area dogs and their owners. The Dog Run is maintained by FLORAL volunteers and the supplies used on a daily basis are paid for by FLORAL through donations from its supporters.

FLORAL Promotes Responsible Dog Ownership.

Irresponsible dog owners reflect poorly on all of us as a community. Please help the dog owning community by:

  • Always cleaning up after your dog.
  • Preventing obsessive barking.
  • Teaching your dog to do his business away from foot traffic.
    (e.g. Avoid the middle of the sidewalk or around landmarks.)
  • Obeying the off leash courtesy hours (Before 9 a.m. and after 9 p.m.) and using only permitted areas.
  • Contributing financially and volunteering physically to FLORAL!

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