FLORAL Proposed Renovation Plant
The 72nd Street Dog Run Renovation Project

Recently, the existence of the 72nd Street Dog Run was put in jeopardy because of a lawsuit brought by the owners of a neighboring building. The Run was threatened with relocation or worse yet, closure. FLORAL's members rallied and gained the attention of our area elected officials who agreed to intervene on their behalf. The officials met with the Community Board, Parks Department and those opposing the Run, and after evaluating all of the options, they ultimately made the recommendation to the Parks Department that the Run stay in its current location. There was however one condition. This was that some modifications should be made to the facility in order to minimize its impact on our neighbors. FLORAL agreed to work out necessary modifications with the Parks Department and to raise the funds necessary for the renovation. Therefore, the renovation to the 72nd Street Dog Run is MANDATORY in order to ensure the facility remains in its current location.

The proposed plan will actually benefit the run greatly because it will:

Our goal amount: $125,000

According to the budget proposed by the Parks Department in December 2002, the estimated cost for FLORAL is $83,890. However, after reviewing the renovation histories of other dog runs, such as the 86th Street Dog Run and 105th Street Dog Run in Riverside Park, we have determined that a cushion of $20,000 was to required cover any cost overruns. We have added an additional $25,000 to raise the maintenance reserve so that we will not have to do anymore major fund raising in the future. Depending on the amount we raise, we might even be able to pay for a routine clean-up service.

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