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Support FLORAL

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Due to overwhelming requests, pledges are now being accepted by the Riverside Park Fund in lieu of outright dollar donations. Please go to the Donations form, print it, then check the "Pledge" box and indicate the amount of money you would like to contribute, specifying FLORAL as always. When the goal amount is reached we will be able to begin construction, and you will be contacted by the Fund at that time for the payment. All donations, whether by pledge, credit card, check, or cash should be mailed to the Riverside Park Fund:

Riverside Park Fund/FLORAL
475 Riverside Dr., Suite 455
New York, NY 10115
Phone: 212-870-3070

The RiversideParkFund is a non-profit umbrella support organization that is committed to preserve and improve all 323 acres of Riverside Park. Contact FLORAL for more information.